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Pro Kit: Foundations (Warm Skin tones)

Hello Everyone!

Today I'll be showing you what foundations I use in my Pro Kit. This was requested by a  reader so if you're interested in what I use and what I think of them read on! :)

How I organize them in my Zuca pouch! 

Just to give you an idea, the products I use in my kit are products that I've personally tried and tested. Testing them personally gives me a better understanding of the product like how it wears, blends, lasts, and reacts to my skin which sometimes is a bad idea! I have sensitive/acne prone skin so I tend to breakout when I use certain products (which partly explains my before pic here. I think I was testing out a new sunblock a few days before the photo was taken).

So now that I've given that little intro, let's get started! :)


Graftobian Corrector Palette

Temptu Concealer Wheel + Graftobian RMG Wheel Derma
The corrector palette has the following shades:
Soft Orange - Neutralizes Blue
Yellow Hi-Lite - Cancels Deep Red and Purple
Muted Green - Removes Redness
Pink Hi-Lite - Counteracts grey or Brown
Extra Hi-Lite - light Highlighter

To conceal different blemishes or discolorations, I usually mix the corrector with the concealer to create a tinted concealer which matches the skin tone of my client. I don't pat on the corrector then top it with concealer because I don't want to use too much product on the skin.

After Thoughts:
I usually use the Graftobian wheel more because I find it works better with warm skin tones compared to the Temptu one which I find too pink. I also like this corrector palette better than those carried by other brands because the color is slightly muted and I find these easier to blend and mix.

Cream Foundations:

First 2 Palettes: Kit #1 & Kit #3 by Cinema Secrets
Cinema Secrets' Foundation I personally used as a foundation a long time ago. I love how it covers up blemishes and discolorations. I used this on a client with terrible acne marks and deep acne scars and it was amazing! I also use Kit #3 as a concealer for Airbrush clients :) Kit #1 I use to correct undertones of the foundation.

Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Super Palette Warm
I was quite hesitant to buy this palette at first because I didn't know how it performed so I bought the 5-pc palette to try on myself. It was AMAZING. It actually feels like Cinema Secrets but slightly (and I mean slightly) more blendable. I bought this palette after buying the Cinema Secrets one because I needed the deeper shades to contour. I love this on myself because it provides full coverage with using minimal product. 

I take some product with my spatula and mix it really well in my steel palette so I come up with the perfect shade for my client. I use a foundation brush in patting motions to blend it well with the client's skin.

Depotted Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Foundation
This particular foundation I use on super dry skin. I use a hydrating primer on my client and I usually skip moisturizer because the foundation is super hydrating on its own. My grandma uses this foundation and she loves it. It gives full coverage but I use a very light hand with applying this to mature skin because applying too much might cause this to cake. I find that using a damp sponge is best. 

The shade I have are Warm Ivory (fair to light), Vanilla Beige (Medium to Golden), and Tawny Beige (Medium to Golden for olive complexions). The shade range is not that good but I find that the 3 shades I have work pretty well for me. When I need a darker or lighter color I mix it with the Graftobian Concealer Wheel.

After thoughts:
Cream foundation is awesome for almost all skin types. Depending on the brand they should blend really well and cover almost anything! For this foundation to last all day just remember to set it really well with a setting powder. I use Cinema Secrets Translucent Setting Powder with a big fluffy brush for normal skin and with a Velour Puff for combination/oily/problematic skin. 

Liquid Foundation:

Personally I don't like liquid foundations as much because I find that the cream ones provide better coverage. But when I went to makeup school I met these bad boys over here and fell in love! :)) I did not get every single color because I know I'll be working with mostly Asians, I got the shades for warm skin tones and I plan to mix shades so no need to spend for the entire shade range but for personal use I suggest you go to a store and have yourself matched because they have an amazing range of colors, I'm pretty sure you'll find the perfect one for you!

MUFE HD Foundation - #117 & #128
This foundation works well with Dry, Normal, and Combination Skin. This looks so flawless in person and in photos. It lives up to its HD claims. I find that when this sets the finish looks super super good. I would say that this is a Medium coverage foundation which is buildable to a full coverage one and you can also use a damp sponge or your fingers for lighter coverage. I plan to get #177 for my darkest shade soon.

MUFE Mat Velvet + - #20, #55, #75
Mat Velvet + is the answer to combination/oily and problematic skin. This controls shine, gives FULL coverage and is water-resistant. Seriously, what more can you ask for? 

I use this with a foundation brush and set it with powder. For those who don't get super oily you can even skin the powder part. Personally I use the shade #40. This lasts all day and really controls shine for me. Don't use this if you don't want a matte face. 

After Thoughts:
I love Make Up Forever! :) If you want a glowy/dewy effect use HD Foundation and when you want it Matte use Mat Velvet. Don't go buying all the shade for you kit! If you cater to mostly warm skin tones go with my picks and if you cater to cool skin tones, you're on your own! :)))

Powder Foundation:
Graftobian Pro Powder Foundation Palette- Warm

This palette I use on men because usually they don't like anything on their face. When I tell them that I'm just gonna powder them they agree. I don't use this palette so much on female clients unless I want to correct the foundation that they already have on. 

Final Thoughts:
As you can see I don't use MAC foundations that's because I'm super allergic to their foundations and concealers. I was very sad when I broke out when I used MAC fix powder and MAC Studio Fix Concealers. :(  Love their shadows though!!! 

I also know that these foundations are pricey but I find that they're really worth the money. I chose to invest on foundations because I didn't want to risk my clients having allergic reactions with my makeup! 

So there you have it! These are the foundations that I use in my kit. I'm still thinking if I should get Make Up Forever's Face & Body foundation for my male clients but I haven't decided yet. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below.

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