Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pro Kit: Foundations (Warm Skin tones)

Hello Everyone!

Today I'll be showing you what foundations I use in my Pro Kit. This was requested by a  reader so if you're interested in what I use and what I think of them read on! :)

How I organize them in my Zuca pouch! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

How To: Organize and store your makeup!

Hello Everyone!

Today I'll show you how I store my PERSONAL Makeup Collection. I've been watching loads of youtube videos of how other people store their makeup collection and I was always drawn to those who store them in a very minimalist way. I remember one of my favorite ways to store makeup was that of Wayne from gossmakeupartist see his video here.

At that time I didn't know where to buy the acrylic drawers and I knew that they weren't available locally plus if I ever bought them abroad it would be SOOOOO EXPENSIVE! Apparently the Kardashians use the same storage units. Looking up other videos I found that in the US Muji has a similar product at a lower price. 

It was only a matter of time until they had it here! :) I got my very own 5-drawer thing yesterday in MUJI ATC. It cost me PHP1,250 (almost USD30). Yet it's kinda expensive BUT IT LOOKS SO GOOD! :))) 

Read more to see how I organize my Makeup!

Bride: Raissa + Arnie SDE 6.9.12

Raissa found me online. We talked on the phone a few times and she decided to trust me to do her makeup for her wedding.

The only request she had was to contour her "siopao cheeks" as much as possible. Since I've never seen her prior to the trial/prenup shoot day I was surprised to find that the "siopao cheeks" that she was so concerned about wasn't really a big deal. (Note: If you do have siopao cheeks, be THANKFUL! because when you turn 60-onwards, you'll still look youthful!)

Here are the photos of her wedding by Pix Republik Studios as well as her very creative SDE by Reel Republik Studios!

Bride: Varlene + Rommel 6.27.12

I met Varlene at the Bridal Fair in Festival Mall a few months before her wedding. We did her trial makeup there and I also got the chance to meet her mom. We weren't sure if she was acidic (foundation reacts with the skin making the foundation darker) or not so i decided to go with her natural skin tone which actually turned out to be a mistake! She later told me that her face became darker so I made sure to remember that for her wedding.

Here's their SDE video by Vipe Studio. Look for me! :))

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Hey Everyone!

I've always said to myself that when I start a beauty blog I'd do tons of product reviews but going through my posts all I post about are my hauls and gigs. 

I decided to start with my personal HOLY GRAIL foundation called Silk Creme Foundation from Laura Mercier. 

Growing up I had really oily skin so I was super prone to acne I also have sensitive skin so I react HORRIBLY to certain products/ingredients. Through trial and error I found a skin care routine which controlled my oilyness and acne. So nowadays I only get acne during that time of the month or when I don't get 8 hours of sleep. 

My skin today is the worst it has been for a long long time due to the following. 1) I just had my period 2) I've been getting less than 8 hours of sleep and 3) I'm super stressed with work! Because of the disgusting state of my skin I decided that today was the PERFECT day to show you all how AWESOME this foundation is.