Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bride: Doja + Krypton 6.25.2012

Here are a few photos of one of my June brides. I did hair and Makeup for Ms. Doja, her sister and her mom. 

Pageant: Pro Tip + Mrs. Philippines Globe 2012 Pre-Judging July 5, 2012

I apologize for being MIA for the majority of this month! I know I've been promising to do more posts and finally put up tutorials but I've been super busy with my day job (Palo Alto Bed & Breakfast). Anyway here is Part 2 of my Mrs. Philippines Experience with Make Up Forever Philippines. 

The prep was done at the New World Hotel in Makati and I had the chance to work with my previous candidate Mrs. Steph Malibiran. Here are the after photos! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pageant: Mrs. Philippines Globe 2012 - Press Conference June 21, 2012

Dear (imaginary) Readers,

I apologize for not blogging as much last June. It was such a busy month for me make-up wise. I had 2 weddings and two Make Up Forever events plus "real life" work was pretty hectic as well! :)) 

One of my favorite Make Up Forever gigs to date was the Mrs. Philippines Globe 2012. We met the ladies on June 21 and we kinda bonded with our candidates so we ended up doing their makeup for the following events. 

Here are the photos I took/stole of my candidate Mrs. Steph during the Press Conference.  

Mrs. Steph Au Naturel (okay fine maybe with a bit of foundation!)